About us

About us

VivaHus team has wide range of experience in building construction business. We also have strong vision for the future to become the leading supplier of Attefallshus and vacation homes in the Baltic & Nordic region.

We design and build from permit-exempt Attefallshus to holiday homes for the public and private sectors as a supplier and as a developer. Our goal is to provide beautifully designed, Premium Attelfallhus and holiday homes, made with excellent craftsmanship. We want you to be inspired by our stylish Attefallshus models and also feel free to share your vision of your dream holiday home or rental income. We endeavor to please any expectations our clients may have, we value challenges as an opportunity to grow and improve every step of the way.

We take pride in our craftsmanship and our quality. We hope to please the community with affordable prices, quality materials and a overall excellent experience.

We custom build your new Attefallshus to be what YOU want it to be!

Bring your dream Attefallshus to life. Contact us to discuss the Attefallshus you envision and see how our team can bring it to life.

Let Us Work Together

We are always interested in business partnerships. Contact us with your idea of ​​what we can do together! T: +46 729 339676; E: sales@vivahus.se